Hospitals, they suck

Yesterday I was in so much pain I did something I never (and I do mean never ever ever) do. I went into the hospital. I am fine let me get that across first and foremost and secondly it had nothing to do with drugs, alcohol or the abuse of either. It had to do with my period. That yucky topic no one wants to ever discuss because let’s face it ladies, it’s painful gross and it just plain ruins every damned thing in you’re life. Am I right? I am right.

Never trust anything that bleeds for five days a week every month for twelve months a year, that just ain’t right

Some guy from some place at some time


So yesterday was a lot of “Whats your name whats the problem okay go sit here, now sit there, oh no time to move, yes you can eat after we take some blood, oh no now you have to wait for your urine sample, now you gotta do this and that and then just wait here”

Needless to say I hunted up a doctor that I have seen numerous times over the years on the rare occasions (Which are so far and few between it’s wrong) that I did get rushed to the er (always because friends would force me to go) and he checked my tests, gave me some Demerol and told me not to move for twelve hours, then go see my family dr. Worse case scenario I lose my uterus and am forced into early menopause which means I’ll be insane at thirty and in heaven by forty. Best case the period just sucks pain wise. Here’s a lesson ladies, something no one ever wants to tell you because no one told them so they figure you should suffer through the lesson yourself too: Period’s get worse as you get older. Pain gets worse and wine becomes your best friend during those five months of the year.

I will go see my doctor this week but I know what she’ll tell me “I can give you pills, or I can give you pot, which do you prefer” because we have this discussion a lot, I’ll probably take the pills… because the ones she gives me (A prescription version of Aleeve, which I recommend to ANY woman who has bad period pains) is like a fucking miracle worker. I take one of those once a month and I’m good to go, when they get really really bad I take two during that period and I’m good. I had one bottle that lasted me an entire year! Although the pot is also a good option for pain release I’m not a big fan of getting high, I never really did like it…unless I was sleeping..I prefer sleeping to the waking world so I either take the pain killer that had 0 side effects or the one that makes me sleep… unfortunately I have far too much work to do to spend my life high or asleep these days so pills it is. It works, I’m okay I’ll be okay and I’ll work through this like anything else…I’ll work. Yay.

In the mean time, I have to do something I really don’t want to do…….more work because the back pain is starting to get bad again today..Ugh.


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