Cry baby Cry?

Now normally this wouldn’t bug me but after this happened a thought was struck.

You see earlier tonight on my FB wall I posted a message to someone saying that although I did not know them well if they felt the need to remove me I would wish them well. It was meant as a polite thought out gesture, that was in turn called rude. When I explained instead of saying “oh sorry for the mistake” this person’s friends continued to ridicule me and call me a baby and although my feelings are not in any way harmed I have to wonder…does this happen a lot?

Do people really slap at those who are trying to help? Do you?

How often do we mistake kindness and an attempt to be friendly as intrusive or mean spirited? Worse yet, has our inability to show real genuine affection become hardened by our desire to constantly be connected to the internet?

A wise man recently said that being forced off the internet was the best thing that ever happened to him. At the time I thought he was simply saying what he thought may sound good to whoever needed to hear it but now I wonder, could it be true?

The internet has made it possible for information and friendships to be forged across millions of miles but it has also taken away I think our ability to really connect to those around us. I would love to suggest that we all take a week off but the issue with that is there is work to be done. It is simply unrealistic these days to expect people to get offline. To put it simply the world is run by the internet, information and news spreads first through cellphones, email, websites and twitter before it ever reaches our collective brains.

Our lives are whether or not we like it, controlled by the connections brought to us via the internet. An entire relationship can be fulfilling for some, and utterly disastrous to others. Many had warned us and we did not listen, so here is my question, does the matrix control us? Or do we control the matrix?




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