Follow Friday

I have to say I really enjoy getting to know the many people that follow me on twitter I enjoy our conversations, our silly faux flirting. I enjoy hearing about their families and learning what you are all passionate about. I never thought I would say this but I have actually been learning a lot from the Tweeple.

I get to read beautiful quotes of strength and wisdom from Captain America @ChrisEvans. @Truthizsexy reminds me daily to put others before myself by advocating for lost children and informing the world of what is going on around us. @Catsareimportant gives me strength when I am ready to drop. @kopsafti keeps me grounded and lets me know when I am being silly. There is Psy and Outlaw, Crash and AOS as well as BreakBeat and Viz, Cannot of course forget Damage *who is adorably insane* and so many hundreds of you who inspire me every day to keep trying to find a way to get my show back up.

You are wonderful amazing and great and awesome and lovely and I really do adore you all.

I know very well these are probably not people I will grow old with but I genuinely enjoy our conversations. You guys all five hundred of you have stories and experience that I need and thrive on. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

There are also of course the Twitteratzi. You guys make me laugh. Some of you I follow just because you make me smile and no I won’t out of kindness release your names but I do have a message for you.

Shut up. Seriously. Before you tweet, before you talk, before you put a message out there think about whether or not it is the kind of message you want to be reminded by.

There are over ten million people using twitter, on my stream every single one of the people I follow are people who want to change the world. They want to see the world shift from it’s current course. Sometimes I laugh at even those I admire who I think could do with a nice vacation. Regardless their hearts are in the right place. The Twitteratzi however are evil.

They are soulless cruel and mean, pathetic and low. They are strange odd creatures who are so far evolved from the rest of us that they feel the need to release personal private information of other users, they harass and herang, they bully and they do so for one reason only: They have nothing better to do with their lives.

This morning I got dragged into a twitter war which was fucking high-larious.

I got home from the store and went online to play a game or two. As usual I opened up Tweet Deck just to see what was up and next thing I know I am being told I should watch my friends and being told who doxed who and who threatened who but not why and I sat at my laptop laughing in a big mass ball of confusion.

It made me laugh at first. Until I took one of the people involved into DM and asked her politely to leave me out of whatever drama she was up to. She promised to do so, it lasted for thirty seconds. That was me done.

I am not interested in negativity. I have enough of my own real life issues to deal with, that adding fuel to the stress fire online is just a ridiculous no no. If you have to go online to bully someone else because you disagree with them, or dislike their politics that says more about you then the victim you have chosen. There are ways millions of them in fact, to change the world without being mean or cruel.

So to the Tweeple that I chat with on a regular basis I want to say this I love you, your amazing I am glad we met and I thank you for being kind wonderful strong supportive cultured well mannered people.

To the Twitteratzi I would like to say a very polite shhhh, be nice, be kind and be wise. Speak little listen much. It will get you further in life

Te amo,




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