Please, I beg you, Listen Upl


In the last few days I have had to walk away from some people I really admired and even loved. I didn’t come to this decision lightly. In response to the death of Amanda Todd people took to the internet and they ranted and raved. Some made cruel harsh and evil jokes, and others retaliated. I know of two young people (19 and 18) who had their personal information put onto the internet, they received death threats and to this day continue to be harassed  Since many of you missed my Radio Free Voice show I thought I would give you some knowledge here. Please I beg you, pay attention.

What happened to Amanda Todd, and millions of other children is wrong. I consider it to be abuse and I think if it is not already it should be against the fucking law.

Over the last three days I saw people using Amanda Todd as a way to gain internet fame, from both sides. That pisses me off even more.

I expected people to be angry she was dead, I did not expect jokes, what I expected even less was to see grown adults, people I consider friends to harass and abuse their power in order to make two stupid teenagers feel small and little. One of them quoted “I want to be the most hated person on the internet” He was destroyed. His phone number and address posted, his personal info his tumblr. I went and looked at that tumblr page and I saw something that breaks my heart.

I saw a 19 year old boy crying out for help while hiding behind naked pictures and false brevity  I saw a young man pretending to be an asshole because he doesn’t know how to say “Life is fucked up right now and I need help” I felt sorry for this kid. (OMFG HOW COULD YOU) Because I see both sides of the bullying issue. I’ve been on both sides.

I have been bullied so bad I tried rat poison  blowing myself up, drugs and alcohol. Everything under the sun, (minus drinking bleach thank Goddess) . I have beaten on people because I was one of the “cool” kids. When my mom moved us from one province to another I suddenly was the cool kid with all the big scary friends. Everyone loved me and those who didn’t got beaten. I am not perfect I made mistakes.


The ironic thing is that those who know me via twitter, or listen to my show love me. You all think I am this ambassador of peace and love who can do no wrong, and that’s a lie. I am not perfect I made mistakes back then and I will until the day that I die, because I am human.

I am also NOT saying that I agree with those who bully others to feel better – I am saying I understand the psychology. Until we respond to bullys differently they will never change.

So here are a few ideas for parents and schools, do with them as you will:

Stop acting like it is the victim’s fault. Start punishing these kids appropriately, There is no reason that a victim should be forced to leave school. I do not care if it is one bully or fifty, start kicking them out and I bet you anything that when people realize your school is a no bully zone, when they see they will get kicked out of school, their behavior will change.

When you find out a kid has been beaten up at school you call the fucking police. When did it become okay for a kid to be thrown into a locker or beaten and not receive justice? When did it become okay for someone to beat on another person and not be punished?

Mandatory Counselling for bully’s and victims. Bullies are hurting too, whether you like it or not they are angry, they are hurting and they are lashing out because they want attention and don’t know how to get it.

It is time for us adults to step up and say ENOUGH. It is time for us to decide whether these children will grow into successful adults or fucking sociopaths. It is time for US to say “We are the adults you are the kid, these are the rules, follow them and stop being such a jack ass”

Seriously people we are adults, why are we on twitter bullying children who are equally in danger of being the next Amanda Todd?! What sense does it make to fight violence with violence, when the hell was the last time that actually worked? And No, THE AVENGERS DOES NOT COUNT!



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