For months now I have been making contacts all over the world. Not because I am going out of my way to do so, but because of various projects I am involved with I have been blessed to meet people all over our globe, from all walks and areas of life, and you know what I learned?

I learned that if we really want to make a difference, we have to be better than those we are fighting. If we want to help we must always have all of the facts, which lets face it people, is hard to do when you are meeting people online. At our best we are amazing, at our worst a lot of us including me some days, are full of utter shit.

In the wake of a lot of things, not just Amanda Todd, but a lot of issues around the globe many people want to jump into the war on … whatever they are fighting. I get that, but having made these very same mistakes myself, we have to be more diligent.

We are now encased in a world in which technology is smarter than most humans, this is unacceptable. We must do our homework, and our research.

As much as I absolutely hate to say it, this is a case in which Legacy is correct. As I have been saying tonight on Twitter, if we are going to take the time to research an alleged stalker – if we are going to out them for the evil that lays inside we must know for certain, and be able to prove them of their crimes.

The excuse of “shit we fucked up wrong guy” can never be acceptable. We are as humans, quick to rush to the aid, but often we are so sickened by what we see we do not always stop to check the story, see the facts from both sides. This is something I am incredibly guilty of as well.

I would never be so remiss as to say “no no leave that lovely man alone, who cares if he watches, produces and shares child porn” of course not. All I ask however is that we be able to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are who we say they are.

Anonymous or not, when we the people of the internet make mistakes, when we fuck up in our  accusations, the world is watching us. Our legitimacy is lost, we the people of the internet, Anons, Anonymous or others, cannot afford to make these mistakes, because then we are just another bully jumping on the bandwagon causing more harm then good.

To that end I have this message: I know that the RCMP just like any government organization has it’s faults. There are however many wonderful men and women who work for a corrupt organization. They are as many of us are, trying to do the best they can within the confines of their job description, with the tools they are given. Their tools are no better nor worse then ours. Like it or not, the majority of the police force here in BC wants what is best for their communities, you must remember however they have jobs to do, and for the most part they do it well.

Like anything, they fuck up, people in the RCMP take advantage of their power, but how exactly is Anonymous any different? “Anyone can be anonymous” So when you hear stories of how “A member of Anonymous hacked, stole etc” does the whole of Anonymous get blamed? more often then not, yes, but should they? How many of you right now will say “yes they do and that’s not fair” ? Exactly!

The majority of the government officials, and banks and every day people are not evil, it is those in power who do the crime and those on the bottom of the totem pole who pay the price. It is in my mind a never ending cycle and one we can stop, so long as we are willing to stop and think about all the facts, decide which battles are worth fighting.

Alex Ramos “tweeted” a picture of a dead body, he claimed it was Amanda Todd, I however did not see this but it was reported. Within minutes he was doxed, threatened with death and his personal information put up for the world to see. Here is my question? How many of you went to his tumblr page? ….. Now how many of you went to his tumblr page and really REALLY looked?  I did. And I was sad, and I cried, because I saw a lot of porn, but every once in awhile I would also see a post that clearly said “I am in pain and I need help” or ” I am sad and I want to die, won’t anyone help me?”

He was a kid in pain. He reached out the way he understood and no one listened, so he did what we all do when we are angry and in pain. He lashed out wanting negative attention because at least that way people were listening. Only it got to be too much, he realized too late that it was the wrong kind of attention. He fucked up. This doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it explains it.

How many of us have been guilty of that? We get mad, we get hurt or angry and we lash out, and too late we realize we’ve hurt people we loved or in some cases don’t even know? He is human, and he fucked up,  a lot…but he fucked up.


How many kids just like Alex Ramos and Amanda Todd are out there right now begging for help? Begging to be heard and going ignored? It is time we stop talking about what went wrong and started talking about how we can help and it is time that we stop half assing it and really really working to make sure that when we reach out to help someone, we do it in a positive way that will effect a change in their life.

Not everyone can be batman (Sorry Hackers) but it’s true. Not everyone can even be a hero, but everyone can take ten minutes out of their day to be kinder to each other, to reach out to someone who’s posting stuff online and say “hey I saw your page/tweet/post and you look like you could use a friend, wanna chat?” It really is that simple. At worst they say no, and at best you’ve made someone’s day.

I have said it again and again: You want to attack a pedophile? You want to hunt down a stalker? You want to hurt someone who is attacking the innocent? GO HARD, but make sure that you have all of the facts from ALL ends. Do not half ass it or you do worse harm then you do good.

There are ways to report crimes, and sad and annoying, painful as it is we must go through those channels or this shit will continue to happen. A Man in BC was falsey accused of being Amanda’s stalker because people rushed to conclusions. This isn’t the first time.

I have witnessed blatant lies being posted and reported in order to achieve the end goal, I have talked about them and was ignored and accused of “not believing in freedom” because I wanted cold hard facts before I acted.  Those we fight will win if we do not do our due diligence  if we do not think before we act they will prove that the citizens of the internet cause more harm than good.

Our world is connected in a way it never has been before. For the first time in the history of the human race humans have the ability to connect from one side of the globe to the other without ever leaving their house. This is a great amount of power, if used properly, all I am saying is we need to make sure we cover every avenue before we start attacking or accusing.

That is just my two cents, take it as you will. S




2 thoughts on “STOP BREATH KNOW!

  1. I loved you’re blog and you’re absolutely right! Most outrageous behavior roots are in loneliness and need for attention. We could possibly prevent lots of harm to the’abusers’ themselves as well abuse as such, listening. Our society, we, are ‘marketing based’; we just promote and compare. Infact if you go back in history you will find out analogies on increasing marketing expertise. Make: hey I saw your page/tweet/post and you look like you could use a friend, wanna chat? your campaign moto. You see? Even us, we fall into this trap, talking about campaigns and expenditure in time and money fot what concerns human being and their feelings. 🙂 Thank you.

    • I know we spend so much time talking about what the problem is. We all know how to fix it. Everyone has a solution, but how often do we actually do anything? Its a tough place to be in. Especially if you hear about things going on and you are on the other side of the world, help is sometimes impossible, which can be as you are well aware, frustrating as hell.

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