Teachers come from all areas of life

I found an ad in the paper today for an entrepreneurial program – I can apply, and they will teach me how to start, organize and run my own bussiness. They’ll even give me some money to get it going. Win. Right? Except I’m terrified.

There is a lot of fear associated with the idea too though. I mean first off lets be honest shall we? Any business I start is going to stem from what I am creating with Radio Free Voice, that is going to turn some people off. I have been aware of this from the get go.

The idea was never to use this to make mass amounts of money while at the same time planting the seeds for RFV to reach it’s full potential. That may mean that at some point I could be lucky enough to get an income from it, which means I would have the luxury of it being my full time passion and career. Should that happen, that my life’s dream comes true and I am able to focus 100% of my energies in building this amazing thing, I would be pretty much happy enough without ever being granted anything else in the universe.

At the same time let us flip the coin: I am really not that smart. I am passionate and tenacious, I am a hard worker and given a job to do I can do it well, so long as I understand fully, but that’s just it. Since I was a child (something I have never outrightly admitted before) my comprehension has always been a bit off, like outer space off.

Sometimes I have to repeat things to myself several times before I figure out whats what, which can be an annoying trait to someone who is thinking of investing in me or my future company.

As a direct result of years of bullying I have learned to hide it for the most part, these small issues and weird little habits I have, only those who know me very well understand exactly why I am the way I am, and hell even I am just starting to figure it out.

Either way I am going to apply because I will be 30 soon and then it will be too late for me to be eligible for this program (if it isn’t already) and hopefully I won’t fail massively and land on my ass 😀 Either way on Monday Morning I am going to make the call. Worst they can say is no and hell I’ve been hearing that my entire life right?!



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