Oh Do Be a Dear and Shut Up

I know that in the last three to four months you guys haven’t seen me complaining too much about my life. Many of you read this probably think “oh what does she know she has no problems” that is actually a big fat lie. I have lots of problems and when I talk about them I don’t do it online. I go to my friends.

I call Legacy so much people think we’re in an online relationship, I call my sponsor who is about as useful as a wet sponge most days, I call my friends in recovery and I call on my family (should I be so far gone that I need insanity as a solution). Reguardless what I do not do is come to my computer and bitch about my life.

Why? To be frank because so many of you spend so much time bitching about your lives after spending an hour going through Facebook and twitter my life fails to look even remotely as awful as yours.

I have one friend I’ve known this guy for awhile now we’re going to call him JOhn. Now since I have known John he has had one girlfriend six times.

For awhile I had quite a crush on this friend – until I realized he kept bitching about how his girlfriend cheats on him then he dumps her then he takes her back and on and on the cycle goes, insert the face; -.- <—- that face is a “I am going to punch you in the head if you do not behave” face. Now John recently posted a picture telling us all to shut up and stay out of his life. This comes only two weeks after the last break up in which we all rallied around to support him and tell him how great he is, and how he’ll be fine without her. -.-

My question here is this: If you aren’t interested in hearing what people have to say why the hell are you forcing us to read it?! Why are we subscribing to your negativity by allowing you to not only continue down this obviously dark and dangerous path, but by participating with it? The answer “Well because John is our friend and we love him” is no longer an excuse.

When I call Legacy up and bitch about whats going on with RFV (or sometimes what is not going on) his answer is always simple: “Quit” He knows damned well I won’t quit because that isn’t who I am. I am not a quitter. I am stronger then that, but by that one simple word it reminds me of how far I have come, and how far I have worked in order to be where I am today. I deserve Radio Free Voice – I deserve all the perks that come with it (Which to be honest aren’t many at the moment) I deserve to say I have a partner who lives on the other side of Canada, and I deserve all the joys and successes and fears and drama that comes with trying to start your own company on literally nothing.

What I do not deserve the right to do however is constantly bitch and moan when ever I do the same thing over and over and over again and refuse to try and change my approach.  This is called Insanity and if you are a victim of insanity you belong in a psych ward not on Facebook or for that matter in a relationship. Statistics prove that those who are insane generally end up killing their family members including their girlfriends. Just sayin.

This my friend John (who by the way doesn’t -really- exist – but let’s face it we all have a ‘John’ somewhere)

So to that end I say, Shut Up. Quit Bitching. In my case I am actually three days late on doing a podcast for RFV for the most part it’s due to real life events that cannot be ignored – but regardless I have a responsibility that I am ignoring. I am aware of this. I am also aware that I am hopped up on pain killers due to a back injury (mostly because I’m an idiot and took a jump I shouldn’t have today). I could bitch about this or I can do it tomorrow and apoligize to the listeners, and move on.

I’ll choose to move on, you know why? I’m a grown up and grown ups do not bitch and moan about their lives. Life throws us curve balls to keep the momentum going. In order for us to remain inspired, wise, strong and all those things that we claim to be, or claim to want to be every now and then we have to be reminded that we are still human. We hurt we cry we laugh we die. We enjoy life but never too much and we try to do our best by our other fellow humans.

So here is my New Years Resolution a few months early;

I Resolve to remove from my life people constantly stuck in negativity. Without progression life cannot go on. You can’t get to the next level if you are continuously trying to find an endless battle on the last one. I will surround myself with people filled with light, with love and joy. I will fill my life with people who want to better themselves and the world around us all.

That is just my two cents



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