The Sacrafice

They hunt in packs of two or more, sometimes three or four.

They seek the darkness, it’s protective shade wrapping around them like a glove. Keeping the light at bay.

They offer trinkets and treats, for a few moments of your time. They promise a good time, a party and an escape.

You will not say no, you have no choice. There is no time for fight or flight. There is only the sick realization that you have been chosen. You are the latest in a string of sacrifices. You are the lamb, and they are the guardians of the darkness.

Like wild dogs they maul, bite chew spit rape and humiliate. They use all methods of evil and destruction as their tools to break you, they will devour, they will ruin you. They are demons from the gates of hell freshly unleashed.

They are unaccounted for, unnamed and unstoppable.

Your screams will go unnoticed, your cries of terror and fear will go ignored, or worse not heard at all.

No one cares, for you are the forgotten, the left behind – you are that which does not matter, not to them, not to us, not to anyone. You are nothing. You do not exist. You are merely the sacrifice.

The police will not fight for you, the neighbors will not call fire to bring you aid, you are nothing. A toy, to be beaten, fed to the demon dogs until something better comes along, or until they are spent. Which ever comes first.

You will be chained to a tree, a warning to all others who seek solace in the dark, we are next. The women of this city are in danger, and no one is listening, no one is aware. No one hears the cries for help, the screams of surrender.

We are the Sacrifice.

Just another day in Surrey.



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