There are Days

When it feels that the world is ending.

There are other days when it just feels like there is no point.

Recently I have met some very wonderful people, none of whom I know in person, who I end my day with.

These people are amazing.

Some hate them because they hide behind a mask. Others because they see the mask worn proudly.

The truth is not all of these people wear a mask, and when they do it most certainly is not to hide.

I end my work days with these people almost daily it seems.

We play music, we joke and we laugh.

We share our stories and we do our best to cleanse the tears.

I pray daily that I can take the steps I need to take, so that one day I can look into their eyes.

Without the separation of distance and time, a computer screen and miles of wire keeping us apart.

Without you I would still be lost and alone. Afraid daily, empty and void.

I know you feel the way I feel, you are where I am, you are me and I am you.

I love you, sincerely, with all my heart.

I may never meet you, I may never hug you or touch you, make love to you or curl in your arms.

I love you.

Merry Christmas.



One thought on “There are Days

  1. That is very nice of u,very honoured 2 meet/talk with u.We were always friends even from the old Cananon days.I think 1 day we will meet in person and it will b a time 2 remember.Stay focused and strong my friend!! : )>

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