2013 a new begining

For twenty years I was promised the end of the world, like so many of you.

It seems so strange that we can say 2013, for when I was a child even the number “2013” seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. I have seen our world come so far in the last 30 years, (ouch) and yet I see we have so much farther to go still, I see now however a possibility I never expected before though.

I see the idea of a world where children laugh instead of scream, where education is free and people are striving for happiness and joy instead of striving to survive. I see all kinds of possibilities in the year 2013, that I never expected to live to see.

Even with all the darkness, for me for the first time in many moons, it does not feel like the darkness is winning, but instead that the light now has an army, a global army fighting for peace and serenity, equality.

With all of that being said, here are my top thirteen hopes, dreams, goals and wishes for the next year of my attempt to finding Ohna.

1. I want to replace my I.D. and get my passport. I wish to be able to travel and meet my many online friends across the N.A. Border, I wish to look into the eyes of the activists and sisters, brothers and friends I have made over the last year and see if we will laugh as much in reality as we do via the internet.

2. I want to see the Freedom statue in Cleveland. In fact I want to climb it, just to say I did.

3. I want to see Radio free Voice become a global movement of change and inspiration. I want to converse with people from all over the world live on air, and hear their stories through their voices.

4. I would like to build the Radio Free Voice bus and use it to travel around North America, doing works of service and live shows so that i can back up what I say on the air, with action.

5. I would like very much to write and publish my book.

6. I want to do 3 things I am terrified of doing, including, eating something I have never eaten before – Standing on the highest bridge in BC canada, and i dont know what else yet lol.

7. I would like to get the words May Li tattooed because some kids at the church I work at gave me that name which means Beautiful in Chinese.

8. I want to kiss a stranger in the rain

9. I want to dance with my toes in the sand of a beach I have never been to before.

10. I want to hug my friend Emilee for the very first time ever and meet her daughter.

11. I would like to stand still in two places at one time.

12. I want to create something amazing.

13. I want to make the fucking audio cables on RFV work so we can have multiple dj’s at a time lol


What are your thirteen hopes/dreams/goals and wishes for 2013?


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