Until Proven Guilty

I take great offence to the everlasting female syndrome often referred to as “Crying Wolf” It’s symptoms are rather easy to detect and include but are not limited to:

  • Never-ending need for control
  • constant need for praising, respect and attention
  • the desire to wear barely there clothing and then claim you hate the attention
  • catty like behavior resulting in drama and constant negativity
  • the desire to ridicule, humiliate or harm others to make yourself feel special

The worst of these symptoms includes “Crying Rape”. As a woman I feel it is my duty to say shame on those of you who cry rape to get attention, and don’t get angry because we all know it happens and it is disgusting and it shouldn’t.

When police and other officials are forced to deal with sexual cases their much needed attention can be drawn away from real predators in pursuit of innocent victims of this disease.

The problems do not end there. Not only do real victims end up losing their right to Justice, but the victim list grows.

When a man is falsely accused of rape it can affect every area of his life, forever. Friends neighbors and strangers will forever look at that man and wonder, which is unfair if he is completely innocent.

Whats worse is that if the victim cries hard enough sometimes these men can be forced to have to deal with a trial, which means loss of job time and even more public scrutiny.

As a victim of over forty sexual assaults, all of which have never seen the graced light of a courtroom I am (not that those of you who suffer from this affliction will care) I am asking you think twice before you go out of your way to ruin someone (in some cases, many) else’s life.

There are so many of us real victims, who need the help of police, psychologists, counselors and so many others and those of you who take away that attention make it that much harder for us to heal.

So before you accuse, before you lie and ruin so many lives, think, is this how you wish to be remembered? Because I promise Karma comes and those of you who lie, will always be found out.




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