What is Your Ohna?

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Finding Ohna isn’t just about me giving life advice or trying to share my experiences, it is a place in which I hope I can both inspire and be inspired.

I have learned that life can only be enriched by giving what you know so that others may benefit from your knowledge and experience.

You can leave a message here or join us in our FaceBook community and share your stories.

This Month’s Topic is:

What is Your Ohna?*

Ohna is that person place or thing that makes life worth living. It can be anything that makes the hard stuff easier to get through and the good stuff worth having. The great thing about FO is that you do not need to be a writer, or even particularly talented, You just need to be yourself.  Share your stories today.

*I would like to send a special thank you out to Jessica Lynn Solsona her stories of desperation, pain and suffering as well as her road to recovery and strength inspire me on a regular basis. Jessica has lived upon the roads of desperation and fear. She has written a beautiful road map that describes her story and her escape, and you can help her publish it by going here, I wish you the very best Jessica, I wish I could be there for the launch.


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