What exactly is, Anonymous?

Twitter is an interesting place. It’s one of those weird places on the web, where you can meet some cool people, some crazy people and some people who make you wonder if life is worth living. Then there are like a thousand other catagories people fall into…I guess. There is a lot of Anon talk on Twitter, and to be honest I follow and even enjoy conversing with several anons. Many are people I consider good friends, and some are people who’s tweets or blogs I enjoy reading.

Lately I have been asked this question a lot “Do you Support Anonymous” to be honest with you, I am not so sure where I stand on that line any more. I used to, with my whole heart….then some shit happened and I didn’t and now, that line is becoming more and more muddy.

Someone whom I admire, says she doesn’t get me, which is really what led me to my post, it is my hope that by writing my thoughts out I may better understand where I stand and how I feel because lets face it, it’s Saturday and this seems like a more interesting idea then cleaning my house.

Today a well known Anon supporter/member/labelhimwhatever was called a Terrorist. Whatever your feelings on Anonymous this should offend you, not only as an American Citizen but as a human being.

It seems today anyone and everyone can be called a Terrorist if they do not acquiesce to the American Government’s idea of how their citizens should behave. This should -ha ha- terrify you, to your very core. It should make you want to pick up your children and run as far as you possibly can.

Once upon a time the word Terrorist was used sparingly. It described men who took over planes, and crashed them into buildings not caring who they hurt, it described serial killers and child rapists. It described a personality trait that was devoid of the ability to understand or empathize with the human spirit.

Once upon a time a Terrorist was someone who killed without reason or feeling, who didn’t care who or what they hurt, and who made as big a mess as possible hurting as many as possible.

Now it describes a 13-20 something male or female, who usually can be found sitting at a computer or out at a protest, screaming for freedom and defending the rights of their countrymen with signs and ddos protests.

Um….Escuse me?

So your telling me that a kid who sits at a computer, (or goes to a protest) who tries to share information, and doesn’t believe in pretending the world is perfect, who stands up when they see something is wrong, is a terrorist? Why because they wear a mask?!

Here is what I think a lot of people need to understand. The mask isn’t about hiding your face, it never was. Not really. It was about showing solidarity with the idea of change, with the idea that the people in power no longer care about the single parent families, or orphaned children, the people in power stopped caring about the rape victims and the sexual predator victims a long time ago.

Eventually someone was going to say enough is enough, Eventually someone was going to stand up and say if the Government wants to scare us into doing as we’re told we’re going to stand up and say Fuck you and do what we know is right. They have chosen to be allow themselves to be called terrorists, they have chosen to be ridiculed and hassled, beaten and spit upon because they chose to believe in something bigger then themselves.

I guess maybe in a way I do support Anonymous.

I don’t support dumps of personal information – don’t get me wrong. I do not think that releasing some innocent dudes credit card number to the world is really going to do a whole lot for freedom.

I guess I do feel safer though knowing that there are people out there in the world, ready to stand up when a rape victim is beaten down. Ready to share information when CNN tells us one thing and it turns out to be government lies, and mostly I guess I do believe in the fact that humans have a right to know what their governments are doing, since you know we do pay their salaries  and they are legally supposed to be working for us.

What I do not believe in is random people governments included, tarnishing a good mans name and reputation, calling that good man a Terrorist simply because he didn’t do as he was told.

Jeremy Hammond got fucked over by Sabu – He’s in prison now. His very last words to me the night before he was v% were “I trusted the wrong person” I didn’t know what he meant until it was too late. I’m sorry Crim. I’m so sorry.

Aaron Swartz is dead now. I guess a computer genius with the belief that freedom of information was terrifying to the government too.

Oh and lets not forget Barrett Brown. The guy was an idiot, a pain in my ass and he drove me nuts damned near every time we spoke, I wanted to punch him the face. He’s annoying as fuck, but what is happening to him is wrong, and yeah I ain’t gonna lie, I miss the SOB. I’m sorry this happened to you Barrett. You don’t deserve this.

So no I am not Anonymous, I don’t even like them really, but I do understand where they are coming from, and you know what? They aren’t half bad for the most part. Victims of the idea of change and freedom.

The fight for freedom is changing because our world is changing, it looks different and feels different. It’s being fought with computer hacks and defaces, ddos attacks and public peaceful protests. Its nothing different then what has been happening for oh the last ten thousand years. But it doesn’t make them terrorists. It makes them human.

Just my two cents.



I have unlocked comments, because I’d like to hear what you guys think about this, what are your thoughts on Anons and Terrorists?! Post below.


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