Who Am I?

Let’s clear something up right now. I’m not any kind of “ist” or “ian.” I stand up for what the fuck I believe in, and that doesn’t fall into the constructs of any party or group. It is what it is. Deal with it.

@ Break Beat Junkee

This was posted by a friend of mine today and in light of everything I want for Skin n Bones (global) it was just so well said I had to re-post it here.

As human beings we are constantly trying to figure out who or what we are. People put each other into these ridiculous redundant categories of being as if it actually means anything.

It really means nothing.

Who you are is not WHAT you do. How you live your life should not be defined by what category people put you in.

That may seem an overly simple way of saying “be yourself” when many of you may not know who that self is. However my friend Carol reads this blog and she is always telling me how genuine she feels I am. That is important to me that she feels that way, but her feelings of my writing or my show do not define me.

Her daughter recently died and all I can think is that if only that poor child could see the light beyond the dark, maybe if she didn’t feel a need to fit in, or feel accepted perhaps she would still be here. What I know for a fact is that the death of a young girl has inspired a friendship I hope stands for many years to come with a woman I admire very very much. So to all of you trying to figure out who or what you are, here is my very simple answer.

You are:

beautiful strong wonderful kind lovely amazing brilliant stunning silly goofy silly happy sad alive and courageous. You are everything you need to be at any moment in time and with that being said I say conquer the universe because you have it in you…if you’ll just stop trying to “Fit in” 

Syn and BBJ


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