First Time

I have been a writer for a very long time. I have always shied away from any kind of writing community though. I decided tonight, that I needed to do something different, just to see if I could. So here we go, This is my entry for the WordPress.Com weekly writing challenge. I hope you enjoy.

couple-embraceImagine for a moment if you could, what it means to fall in love with a person you have never met before. A person who amazes you, inspires you…pushes you and questions you in all of the best ways. A Person who is equally as fascinated by you as you are of them;

Imagine for a moment if you can, a connection that is so perfect you almost don’t need to speak, to express how you feel because they already know. Even if you yourself are unaware yet, or if your unable to say the words. Imagine if you have waited for hour’s day’s weeks and months to be with the person you love.

Neither of you have any idea of whether or not it is going to last, if it is that through the trees out of the park, into the sky heading for space kind of love and both of you are aware it doesn’t matter.

Because what matters is the now, every second you can hear their voice, every moment that you get to spend together, every reminder that says simply “I’m thinking of you”

That is what this picture says to me.

In my mind this is a couple who have never met before. Yet everything that matters they know and understand about the other person.

They have no fear of each other because they spent six months getting to know each other. A Connection was built through a box made of wires and plastic and little bits of metal.

Day by day that connection grew, day by day that connection turned from mutual respect to friendship to like to love.

This is the day they first meet. When they can look into each other’s eyes and not need to say a word because everything has already been said.

Every word, every thought, every projection of emotion has already verbally expressed.

Now instead of words they use touch. They kiss each other’s lips, hold each other’s hands. He runs his fingers across her face, her fingers slide through his hair. Their eyes close only when exhaustion prevents them from staying open longer.

They embrace and they refuse to let go because every second that they stop touching is a second closer to when one of them has to say goodbye.

Every second that they stop embracing is a moment lost, a memory dissipated.

By now they will have stood outside for ten minutes hugging, when they could be inside making love or making dinner, watching a movie or simply enjoying each other’s company.

However neither care, because really everything they need, everything they want is exactly where they stand…in each other’s arms.


4 thoughts on “First Time

  1. How wonderfully you’ve depicted their story of their first time meeting. It’s a blessing indeed to have a person in your life whom you adore and that person reciprocates the same with mutual admiration!

    • Thank you for your comment muZer
      Yes I wholly agree. I am learning for the first time in my life what it means to not only give love but have it be returned. The story I wrote about is one that is very personal as I am currently involved in an online relationship so that is how I imagine our first meeting would go. I am very glad you enjoyed it.

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