Its a Rainbow World, Baby, Be Apart of It

It really is a world full of rainbows. The more I think about what is happening in my life, the more I realize I am so utterly confused about rainbows-in-all-possible-ways01how humans got to be where we are. Last year I tried going to Gay Pride with Occupy Vancouver and Anonymous and as you all now know for a really awful reason it didn’t work out. We spent the money we got online trying to do a fundraiser to raise more money for our float. As it turned out we were left with a bunch of props and angry volunteers. The day of the event after being told not to show up, I get a call telling me they need me to show up because I had to sign them in, only not only was I on my way out of town, and unable to get back in time, I had given the man who had taken over everything he needed. A clusterfuck of events meant that I left a lot of people high and dry.

The beginning of the end started when a group of people told my friends and I that we couldn’t have our dance because they don’t support homosexuality. This confounds me. I mean really, who cares? What someone does in their bedroom or who they do it with is no ones business, is your life so empty and lonely sad and pathetic that you really must spend it spreading hate instead of love?

You all know this I am not a Christian. However I value the Christian Morals;

Be kind to each other, love each other, treat everyone as you wish to be treated. If that is how Christians are supposed to act, then I suppose there are a lot of Christians who want to be hated, because some of them can be very mean awful people. I guess we all can, I know I have my moments where I lash out but at the very end of the day I try my damnedest to make sure I leave more love in the world then I take.

This is why I am suing a Church.

I am Suing a Church.

I don’t like those words, I hate those words. I hate that I have to fight against a group that I have known since I was fifteen. For the best part of my life I have known these people and worked with these people. I have seen these people be mean and awful and I know that what I am doing is the right thing to do, because No person should ever feel unloved because of their race, sex, creed, nationality or sexual preference.

No Person Should Grow Up Not Knowing How To Love Themselves.

When I was growing up I was taught that God Loves All of his Children. I wasn’t taught that God picks and chooses, I was taught that we were all the children of God and as such should treat each other like brothers and sisters. I treat my dishes with more respect then I have seen out of these “Good Christian People” I have seen atrocities I never thought I would see from anyone let alone a Church.

Emotionally I am drained, and I am sad. I have no idea what is going to happen with this court case but what I do know for sure is this:

1. I know I am doing the right thing – defending those who should not need to be defended for being who God make them to be.

2. No matter the outcome there will always be a sour taste in my mouth.

With that being said, I hope that my higher power will stand by me and keep me strong when I falter, because without that I am nothing.




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