The Difference Between Liking to Write & Being a Writer

Keystrokes and Word Counts

Several months ago I started attending meetings of the local writing group at a nearby Barnes and Nobles store.  Two of the members were guys I knew previously from organizing Nanowrimo write ins  this past November.  I was nervous, but excited, to be reading for others and commenting on their work as well. As I kept returning, month after month, I started to realize something about some of my fellow group members.  There were definitely some who were serious about being writers and becoming authors and there were others who just liked to write and perhaps tried to tell others that they are “writers”.

Are you wondering what’s the difference? I will tell you.

A person who likes writing is someone who will start writing a book and never finish it. It’s someone who complains that their edits are never ending but only because they don’t really work on them…

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