Heres the Deal

Okay enough of keeping secrets. I have kept my mouth shut for the better part of ten years and all it has done is caused a darkness inside of me that cannot really be healed.

I have written a couple of times about the fact that I am suing a church. If you go to the Church’s website this is the first thing you see:

Christ The King Lutheran Church proclaims the simple Gospel stated by our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ who said “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.” Our understanding is it is not enough to merely claim the reality of His statement since He also wants us to proclaim it to others. Therefore, our National Church is right when it asks us to be in mission for others. We are an Evangelizing Church, and take seriously our task of education at all levels, as well as our obligation to support social ministry.

There is a twisted bit of irony in that.

The building that CTK operates out of also has many other groups that use the building, one of which is Surrey Urban Mission.

For the last eight years my mom has run SUMS, turning it into an organization any city should and is proud of. In the last eight years SUMS has the proud honor of claiming numerous groups from around North America coming to visit to do service work. CTK cannot claim that.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday a hot meal is served, Sums also has a free daycamp which often boasts over a hundred children, they do womens programs, youth programs, the list is endless. CTK has participated in none of these things.

I remember once telling one of the men of the congregation that if it were not for my mother CTK wouldn’t even exist, he agreed on not one but two separate occasions.

I am offended by what I see on their website, I am offended at the fact that my mother has worked her fingers to the bone making contacts and turning SUMS into something the entire city should be thanking her for and she has to deal with the amount of shit that CTK doles out.

This is the Church I am suing. Why? Because they are awful people. The chances I will win my case are slim to none, but that doesn’t even matter it isn’t about the money it is about and has always been about standing up for what is right.

For some reason people are afraid of these awful men and women, they get away with treating people like crap, they are rude, the Pastor has been heard several times over the last eight years uttering racial slurs and jokes, he has been witnessed pushing a homeless cancer patient while yelling at the same poor man.

He has been accused of kicking a man in the head – though I can neither confirm nor deny this as fact, I can say that knowing the man as I do I wouldn’t doubt it.

On a regular basis the current Pastor will stand up on the pulpit and tell his congregation of twelve or so members lie after lie, he will read from his favorite newspaper. Last Sunday he had his Pastoral Assistant, who is not even a pastor, do the entire service.

Even though I do not go to Church any more this offends me, strictly because I was raised Catholic and this is just not how a church is supposed to behave, let alone a Pastor.

A few weeks ago he got mad at my mom and in front of plenty of witnesses got in her face and started shaking his fist at her while yelling at her. Who the fucks yells and screams at a woman in a wheelchair? I am sad to say I was not there to witness this personally, he is being reviewed at the moment but I doubt he’ll face any punishment, as he never has before.

The Secretary herself told me that the reason they cancelled my dance was because they do not support homosexuality, and knowing Canadian law as I do they will probably win. I don’t care about that, what I do care about however is making damned sure I do not go down without a fight.

I have seen person after person sit there and shake their heads in disgust at what happens within the confines of CTK’s building and no one does anything about it. I am certain, without any doubt I will get into trouble for this post but I have had enough.

I am a human being I love my fellow human beings, I do not tolerate hatred or demoralization of humans based on race, sex, creed, sexual orientation or any other stupid back water reason. I am going to put this into the Universe and take whatever consequences come my way.

If you WOULD like to help out however You can search “Surrey Urban Mission” in google and see just how much this organization has done for the city of Surrey BC. I assure you, you will find a grave difference between SUMS and CTK.




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