are not by any stretch of my imagination, the most exciting people on the planet. In fact they are some of the most droll, most boring people I’ve ever come across. I have yet to meet one who says “do you understand my platform?” or has even bothered to try and explain what it is they do. They sit and listen to me yammer on and on and on without actually adding anything to the conversation, then walk off as if they feel they’ve done their part. Because hey they listened to me speak so their job is done right? NO.

People love meeting politicians because they expect some kind of conversation, they expect some kind of answers, but politicians are like rock stars, they only talk to and discuss conversationally with people who can advance their career. Since my mom works with a lot of these people the community I am known as “Momma loves Daughter” it is very difficult for me to get out from her shadow and express myself as a single person without momma’s loves influence. It’s very frustrating.

What’s worse is every time I speak with one of these people I end up feeling like I’ve just been patted on the head, the worst is when they tell me what a “good girl” I am…..excuse me I am thirty years old I stopped being a “girl” the first time I got my period.

I am a woman. I am a wise, strong, independant woman who is building a career. That deserves some attention.

All of these thoughts stem from the fact that tonight I have to go and speak with these politico’s, share my thoughts and pretend to care about anything they have to say while all the while thinking “do you know how many young people are trying to kill themselves, lets try and help them but no let me talk to you and listen to what you have to say”. I have to smile nod and be charming. None of which are things I do very well so yeah I am a bit worried. Does anyone out there have any advice?

Look I know that Surrey BC isn’t Washington but when your life is surrounded by politicians, police officers and community leaders it can feel like it very quickly. I know the game I even know how to play it the problem is I don’t play it very well. I’m very much a fuck you this is how it is pay attention and do what is right kind of person. I don’t like bullshit, I don’t like postering and I don’t like false promises. Yet I’ll ignore all of that tonight, because that is how the game is played.

Just another day in the world if finding my ohna.

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