My Mentor, Charles Bivona

njpoet-boyVery rarely do I take the time to thank the people I admire and while I occasionally let Mr. Bivona how much I appriciate his help in my writing I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time (except over twitter) to write about just how much I love this man.

The last time I decided to make become more involved in blog culture I found his blog quite randomly. Every single time I actually remember he’s a writer first, before a friend on my twitter account, I become more and more inspired.

I was clicking through Networked Blogs and remembered “oh yeah I follow this man” and here are my reasons for why you should to.

One of his posts talked a bit about his own self doubt and insecurities. Charles has been a professor writer and blogger for more years than I can count. I am so enamored with his awesomeness and greatness, I sometimes forget that he is human. I know very well when he reads this he will blush gush and say thank you. The truth is there are few people I genuinely respect. I am saddened to say I do not always show it, but I have learned that when life gives you those special people you respect and admire, and when those people take the time to respond to you for help you should stop and say thank you.

In his post “Zen Story for Writers and other artists” he speaks about how he found a clip of some Buddhists that helped him get back to reality. I just want you to know Mr. Bivona that you are my Buddhist reality checker. Every time I’ve gone to you for help you’ve not given me advice, but instead walked me through my writers block, so from the bottom of my self doubting, I’m an artist writer self sabotaging  soul, I want to say thank you for being my mentor. Especially because you don’t even try to. You do it by just being yourself, without seeking me out or trying to sell me anything. Thank you so much my friend.

If you want to follow Charles you can do so here: and on twitter at @CharlesBivona



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