Letter to my readers

I was inspired to write this by one of the most amazing blogs I have ever “stumbledupon”. It’s called “Lucy’s Football” first off she’s a Buffy fan so automatically I’m in love because I am obsessed with Buffy. I’ve seen every season about eight times – and thats without owning the series. 

But on to why I’m writing this letter. 

I’m not nor will I ever be a famous blogger. I do not have thousands of readers and I probably never will. I am however shy, self conscious and constantly surprised at my talent. For the first time in months I went through some of my pieces here and on FO and I was shocked at how some of them were actually well written. 

I didn’t expect that. My friend Barrie laughs at me a lot because as much as I love to write, I’m still surprised when I realize I’m good at it. 

However I am very very shy, and I’m nervous. Because what happens if I do end up with a thousand or more readers? What if I actually take the time and effort to invest in my blogging and I fail at it miserably? What if I spend thirty years writing but nothing comes of it, I never write the great Canadian Novel?

I wrote something similar about this on FO, and I realized that none of that matters. So I guess I want to say I’m sorry if I don’t update this site very often, I’m sorry if I write rambling crap that you have absolutely no interest in. I’m sorry if I don’t ask for your thoughts and opinions every time I post, but please know you are certainly welcome to add your thoughts any day any hour you choose. 

Finding Ohna should and hopefully will be a place to exchange ideas and suggestions – it’s a place for people who have spent a great deal of time trying to find themselves, and much like the amazing author of “Lucy’s Football” I am still unbaked cookies, I’m still baking so I hope you’ll bare with me and give me  the time to become apart of the WP community, and allow me the time I need to keep baking. 



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