75th Post, Honoring the Warden

Seventy five for me is a huge amount of commitment. Whether it’s seventy five posts, weeks years or minutes it is a big number, and kind of scary.

When I was thinking about this post I was literally just going to write about my friend Barrie and his amazing bride to be Robyn, but searching for inspiration I found a comment posted by this amazing man who I have known since I was thirteen.

In order to explain his awesomeness, I need to take you back to when I was thirteen.

I had just moved to BC Canada with momma love and brother-brat, and I didn’t have many friends. What I did have was a brand new computer from my grandfather. It was a whole new world, a world that I knew nothing about.

This was before online predators became an every day thing, this was during the boom of the internet mind you, so at that time a young girl who knew nothing about computers was perfect for any dirty old man looking to have some fun, and believe me there were plenty.

I have yet to forget the man who swore he owned a hotel in Greece and if I wrote him a letter telling him all the dirty disgusting things I wanted him to do to me, he would send me money. (He never got the letter). I am convinced that I met the Real Slim Shady in the same chatroom I met this person, before Eminem became famous.

Unlike the roleplay and DnD rooms I found later in my internet life, the room I met this man in was filled with drama, ripe with online relationships and emotional abuse. This was a time before Online Bullying became a major faux pas.

On to the celebration of “Warden


Now many of you ask why I put his name in colors? Because that was always how he had his name. Warden was one of the only older men who never hit on me, didn’t ask me to have cybersex or give him my dirty thoughts. He didn’t ask me for anything other than to be his friend.

As time goes on of course I moved on, grew up and left the chat site, moving on to role-play where I met other friends, and became a writer thanks to my very good friend Boo. I never forgot Warden however, I always remembered that very kind man who taught me how to use and code HTML, showed me how to protect myself online and was like a father I never had.

Warden also taught me how to code my very first website – pre-Wordpress, blogger and all the new fangled media that the internet has to offer.

There are many people who inspire me to write, who pushed me when I thought all hope was lost, but when I look back Warden was the very first person to teach me anything about the internet. My foreway into everything internet stems from this kind man in Australia taking an interest in me.

So with all my love dear Warden thank you for being my friend all these years, 17 and counting, thank you for always supporting me, worrying about me when I’m sick and mostly for answering my facebook request when I finally decided to look you up.

Good friends are few and far between and you my love, are one of the best a young woman such as myself could ever have asked for.

I love you.



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