Bye Bye Redneck Mommy

rnwThere is something about October that always makes me just a little more grateful. I think it’s because I’m a witch and so for us October is all about the harvest; For Witches Halloween is when we light candles for those who have left us and we remember the good times.

Now lately I have been writing about those in my life that I am grateful for, people I’ve met online that have truly meant something to me or inspired me in some way. I’d like to continue that I think, because it seems as good as a time as any.

I want to tell you all about Tanis Miller. Tannis for those of you not in the know used to write the very famous “Tales From the Redneck Mommy”. She was actually one of the very first bloggers I’d ever read and more importantly she’s from Alberta like me. So I mean lets face it, instant love.

What I didn’t really take the time to learn about Tanis is that like me she also lost a son. Unlike me however Tanis had the opportunity to get to know her child before he was taken from her. Unlike me Tannis had the opportunity to name him, love him and hug him. She had the chance to get to know her beautiful son before he left her.

I am unsure if Tanis knows who I am, or how much I adore her, even though I did ask her to write a guest post for SNBG, but I digress.

Tanis like me took to blogging because when she lost her son she was broken, hurt and sad. She, like so many of us women who have ever lost a child, had all these dark negative emotions inside of her and no way to release them. So she did what so many of us do, she became a writer.

I know that when she started she had no interest in being famous or ending up on CNN but low and behold she did. Congratulations for that Mrs. Ex Redneck.

Tanis for years wrote TRNM and created a huge following but then something very strange happened.

After having not really had time to read much of TRNM this year I decided today to go back, (which was why I asked her to write for SNBG), only to discover that TRNM was gone! In it’s place now stood TannisMiller.Com a much lighter version of her previous website, much simpler in design, less cartoony more…adult if you will.

Upon clicking through the links I realized that Tanis has retired TRNM, she has out grown the blog of past, she is entering a new phase of not only blog writing but womanhood. In her own way Tanis was able to let go of some of her grief, enjoy meeting new people all over the world and has now begun a new phase of her blogging life. In her own way Tanis has in deed “Found her Ohna”. So I’d like to say congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers, and wish you all the best in the next phase of your blogging career. I promise I will try to read more often, but I find that when trying to be as super womanly as Tanis Miller is, time is quite limited.

Blessed be my beautiful Red Neck, I loved you long time.



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