My Best Friends Wedding

My best friend is getting married.

booThose words are still weird, but not in a bad way, more in a holy shit my best friend has grown up!

I’m so excited for him and for his lovely woman Robyn, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the wedding but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about the speech I would have given at my best friends wedding. (Sorry I had to)

I have a secret love affair with the movie “My best friends Wedding” unlike Julia Roberts however I do not think I am the perfect match for Barrie Gybus (don’t ask) Hall. I have known from the moment that he first told me about Robyn, she was the one.

I remember way back when, he met this crazy woman online who I affectionately called “Heifer”, she took it as a compliment – she wasn’t that bright- I remember that Barrie wouldn’t tell us, his geeky online roleplay friends much about their relationship – which for numerous reasons was weird, but mainly because she was insane.

I remember being seventeen and stuck between finding a guy who treated me kindly and was the same age as me, and kind of but not really in love with him.

I remember promises of writing books together, and watching him grow up from afar. I remember each of us spending thousands of dollars to call each other, and hundreds of hours writing e-mails, months and sometimes a year or two when we didn’t speak at all. Not because of anger or hatred but simply because life got in the way.

We were friends long before Facebook and I am certain we will be friends for long after.

For twelve long years I watched this boy grow into a man, for almost ten of them I smiled every time he spoke of Robyn. There is a way a man says a woman’s name when he is in love.

I have known from the moment they met they were perfect for each other – which is quite a feat when I admit I’ve not met either of them.

I am honored to call Barrie my friend now to call Robyn my friend in law. (kinda cute no? ugh whatever)

To Barrie G. Hall and his Bride to be I wish you all the best. A hundred years of love and joy, laughter and humor – and lets face it, who wouldn’t laugh seeing this scrawny newfie naked?

There is nothing I can say that you two don’t know about each other – mainly because I do not know Robyn that well – so I’ll end my would have been “Best friend’s wedding” speech with this:

Be kind to each other, say I love you every day, even when you are fighting – the universe has a funny way of messing up everything so take it all in stride. Be strong, be wise and make love at least six times a week. (you’re welcome boo).

I hope that some day soon I get to come and visit and bring you a wedding present but until that day remember always: A husband is there to move furniture, cook and clean, a wife’s job is to encourage these actions. And should said husband wish to shower you with bath soap and foot rubs do not say no, these are things that husbands are made for.

In all honesty I love you both and wish you the absolute best in your life.

Blessed be my friends, Robyn and Barrie – I could not if I tried find two people better suited to each other.

With love always,



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