Wyrdsmiths are like blacksmiths, through out time creating words to help us evolve our language. Let’s face it, words are a beautiful thing – used for everything on the planet from explaining how something works to sharing passion filled moments of love, to expressing every emotion under the sun. Without words humans as we know it would be screwed.

My favorite blogger of all time Tanis Miller spends a great deal of time explaining why we shouldn’t use the “R” word, – For the express purpose of explanation the word is “Retard”. It is demoralizing and cruel, it is an awful word used to diminish a person, to make them feel less than, while in French it simply means “slow” or “limited” in english it is a harsh insult to those who may be mentally or physically challenged.

I’m not even sure “Mentally Challenged” is the correct term and if it is not then I apologize, but I digress.

Over the last several years my mother has worked with people who suffer from poverty and drug addiction. Momma Love has always made a clear distinction between someone who is addicted to drugs, and a “drug addict“. Until recently I didn’t quite understand just why she hated the terms “crackhead” “drug addict” so much but now that I am getting back to the roots of FO I am beginning to see all too clearly.

Now with all that being said I too have had the absolute privilege of working with people who suffer from drug addiction but until recently I never really thought about the words we use to describe these people. Not until I was getting my hair done the other day. Normally I ignore the other clients in Trina’s shop because frankly I have no interest in making friends with some strange woman over my hair styling. It’s just not who I am, especially when I hear them say things like

“you should change the lighting in your bathroom so that the crackheads don’t ask to use it, if you make the lighting darker they won’t be able to find a vain”.

Never in my thirty years have I been more disgusted.

It was then I realized just how cruel we as a society are to  those who are suffering. Now in my experience I have learned that drug addiction is an illness – it is something you can not control – if it were something you could control then well hell you wouldn’t be an addict. Correct?

Along with drug addiction comes the behaviors – lying, stealing, causing harm to those around you – all of these things are done not because you as the person suffering from addiction actually wants to hurt someone, but because you are so obsessed with getting the next hit you will do anything to get it.

This is a medical illness.

However in BC you can not commit someone to a mental health ward or a detox center against their will – because Drug addiction apparently doesn’t count as mental incapacitation.

Unless a nurse diagnoses someone as needing mental health assistance, you as a family member or friend cannot have your love committed to protect them from continuing to hurt themselves and others. There are 0 programs you can force someone into. Knowing full well that the mental health apprehension act is designed to help these people even if they are apprehended under the mental health act they can and will often leave the mental hospital without anyone stopping them. In short there is no way to protect these people suffering from addiction from killing themselves.

No way to forcefully help them. We have given up on these people using the adage “you cannot help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves“. To me that is bullshit, it’s bullshit because you see they cannot help themselves because they are in a state of insanity. Constantly doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting that the next hit will bring them some semblance of sanity.

I know this because I have lived this cycle.

My ex Jaxson lived this cycle, he lived it so hard he held me down while I was in the middle of a miscarriage with our son. He attempted to rape his step daughter and her best friend – and did in fact sexually assault both of them, he is in prison because he was addicted to drugs and his drug induced behavior made him do things he would not have otherwise done sober. (Maybe I’m giving his drug addiction too much credit he was  a cruel bastard but go with me on this.)

So now that you understand why I hate the terms “Crackhead” and “Drug addict” maybe you can understand why this petition makes me so fucking angry. First off it’s presented by the Conservative government and frankly anything they do pisses me off but lets begin with the wording shall we? They do not as government officials see these people as “people” just one more way for the Conservative government to say “Look at us we care really, only not really because we don’t see these drug addicts as people, hence our terminology drug addicts

This opens up an new entire issue: In BC doctors are now allowed to prescribe heroin. Some people think this is a great new initiative. We prescribe methadone for people trying to get off drugs (not that it works) so why the hell not give people who use Heroin the same opportunity?

That being said here’s the flip side of that coin, tighten your belts because this is really how recovery works in BC, and I can promise you if anyone gave a shit about my blog, it would make a lot of people mad to know what I am about to say really, really angry with me; ah well here goes.

The stages of Recovery in BC:

  • Derrick goes to a recovery house, that is not reputable and is not licensed because we do not license recovery houses in BC, Canada or North America.
  • In order to stay in the house (as in most recovery houses in BC) he is told he must be on at least 3 medications and be on the methadone program – even though those 3 drugs may be drugs he’s never taken nor needed before.
  • Derrick agrees.
  • The Pharmacist then gives Derrick the Methadone, Derrick pretends to take it,but in exchange gets up to $80.00 in return for selling the medication back to the pharmacist
  • The house owner gets a kick back for taking Derrick to said Pharmacist.
  • The Pharmacist gets a % of government money depending on how many suckers people he signs up at his place of business.

*The above is an example of a case that JUST happened to someone I used to work with.

So while many people think hey yeah sweet people will be doing less crime because they can get their drugs for free, I say it’s another bullshit scheme by the medical community to get more money from the government. Sadly there are so many pharmacists involved in this very heinous and dangerous crime ring its not only impossible to prove, even though I am pretty sure that the police know about it, who’s going to take a “Drug addict”‘s word for it? who’s going to believe an addict on the stand and whats even worse – what person who’s getting free drugs and money to buy more free drugs is going to kill the golden egg giving goose?!

So I guess what I am realizing as I write this is I actually agree with the Conservative Government. For Fuck Sakes.

This is not okay with me, but whats really really not okay is the idea that more doctors can get more people addicted to a dangerous drug just to fill their pockets.  Unreputable “Recovery House” owners just threw a big huge party. I can see how this is going to go, can you hear it? “CHA CHING

We are entering a scary phase in the world of British Columbia, hang on to your hats kids, it’s going to be a wild ride.



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