About Finding Ohna


Finding Ohna is about that moment of peace that you can’t explain but are so proud to find. It is waking up at noon and not hearing a sound through your windows. It’s that perfect shade of nail polish, the perfect dress for a date with the perfect man. It is sex so great that by the time you realize how good you have it, it’s time for round two.

It’s that friendship that lasts for over thirteen years even though neither party has ever met. It’s the feeling of joy you get by helping to inspire those around you. The end of a hard learned lesson. Ohna is that piece of yourself you knew was missing but never really paid attention to.

Ohna is that nothing more and nothing less then what you need. By figuring out what your ohna is you figure out who you are and how to become a massive success at everything you do. I can’t tell you how to be a success, I can’t tell you how to make life easier, I can only share my journey with you and hope that some of my life lessons will inspire you to do things differently.

The Wordsmyth Behind Finding Ohna:

I take almost always take beautiful photos, I make candles scented with a special blend called “Mountain Man” and I love animals dogs and hunting down pedophiles. Recently I was active in some of the Anon subculture and I took some great lessons from some amazing people.

I started Radio Free Voice because I got lazy and tired of writing words, mostly I started it because I felt like my voice wasn’t being heard and as if I did not matter in the large scheme of things in the world. I learned quickly how wrong I was because the response to it was amazing. Although Radio Free Voice is now over I take with me all the lessons I learned and the confidante I gained through that project.

If you are interested in my actual writing, please check  Finding The Ohna this blog focuses mainly on my spiritual side and self reflection. Finding The Ohna will be more about writing to actually hone my writing skills. Either way I hope you Enjoy.

*If you were redirected to this page from the main site, it’s because I’m trying to change the layout without causing too much disruption. You should check back in no more than 2 hours and the site will be back up. I absolutely promise. Thank you very much for your considerate patience.



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