Getting Honest

cropped-me.jpgIn real life I say Fuck a lot.

I look football, pizza and beer. (Though I am attempting sobriety for the 3rd time now)

I also like steak and potatoes, and prefer it to fru fru foods.

I am not a foodie, though I like good food – I do not sleep around and unlike most women do not enjoy the company of men often if at all though I highly prefer it to the company of women.

This blog will be soft and sweet on occasion, as I try to put as much of myself into it as I can, which means opening all of me not just the tough scary bad ass chick parts. I am honest even when I am drinking, probably more so then. I will almost always tell you how I feel about you unless I dislike you, then you will know based on the fact that I pay you no mind.

I believe in light, love and an ever after (of sorts) but unlike my best friend Kelly, I do not have a Rainbow Shitting Unicorn who will tell you that the world is amazing and everything will get better.

In my experience life is sometimes amazing and life sometime sucks.

My unicorn’s shit rusty nails and spit hellfire, and they are proud of it.

Welcome To Finding Ohna 😛





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